Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★★

paul thomas anderson brought back the romcom baby!

the first time in a while that i’ve been wholly transported by a movie. for at least an hour i had no sense of self, magnificent. meticulously intriguing. it’s striking me how unique paul thomas anderson is in this era, directors are making beautiful movies but few are truly innovative (at least directorially, there’s more focus on technology). he’s maybe the antithesis of david fincher—compositional choices that seem unusual or less optimal, yet resulting in a sweeping masterpiece. i’m reminded of pablo larraín & jackie. i go in expecting a certain type of precision & am then thrown off, but encaptured by the inexact energy, the pure emotion.

i love the small moments, and this is a million threads of those. the brisk flourish with which daniel day lewis lifts his pant legs and sits down, flashing shocking magenta socks. vicky kriep’s resolute yes’s, spoken as if on the verge of laughter. her face, withholding until it’s betrayed by a sudden firey flush. how both central women in woodcock’s life, when challenged, assure him he will lose. the score, so married to the images that seconds after regarding it’s beauty, i’d forget about it’s existence as a singular entity. daniel day lewis’s eyes displaying micro emotions in a minuscule twitch, a half a centimeter narrowing or widening, an internal hardening. a needle between his lips. re-evoking the pain that this is his last role in film. the increasing use of the word ‘fuck’. the dresses! not unlike woodcock himself, beautiful even in their rigidity, strong in their delicacy. 

borderline pornographic for people who love an exquisite, talented, but unbearably difficult male character. maybe all relationships have ever been is the mutual agreeance to babysit each other.

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