Upgrade ★★★

i sincerely believe it you spoil this movie for yourself you’ll enjoy it more

i spent at least 40 minutes lightly uninterested/bored because it was another movie with a cool concept that boiled down to a basic violent revenge plot, even more boring because i had already guessed the twist. or so i thought. 

the second half of the twist & the ending make this movie sooo much better. instantly. it gives it meaning again—that’s one of the other reasons i was disappointed. this concept is influenced by so many relevant horrifying realities of being alive in 2018 & yet the script had almost nothing to say about it. 

tl;dr a great concept (especially as a response to marvel/superhero culture in film currently) with a disappointing script that becomes fun & purposeful again when the ending gives you a new lens to view the narrative through.

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