Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but David Fincher was the real star of Gone Girl.

The story was decent but went off the deep end in the third act. The acting was fine but wasn't anything mind-blowing (despite Rosamund Pike's Oscar nod). It really was the Fincher touch and the cinematography that put it all together into a remarkable film.

But Fincher didn't necessary reinvent himself. Like most of his films, Gone Girl has a very cold, dark feel. While Fincher has excelled with this feeling in most of his films, Gone Girl really seemed to be the apex in his style. I really appreciated the charcoal color tone Gone Girl utilized. It added to the cold comfort of the film.

Even the reserved soundtrack, which was well constructed again by the Reznor-Ross duo, had the Fincher touch. Fincher had a goal for the soundtrack, something creepy that will make the viewer feel uncomfortable. It worked, and the subtle music really paid off to the overall feel of the film (cold and dark).

Gone Girl is worth the watch just for Fincher's craftsmanship alone. He is a director that can speak to both the general masses and cinephiles alike. Gone Girl does just that.

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