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This review may contain spoilers.

Ok so I’m readjusting my review for eternals because I rewatched it four times and my opinion is that I still love it. I definitely think the best part of the film was the characters (even Ikaris and Sprite). I think that Ikaris’s character is really well done and I’m going to be honest I felt bad for Ikaris and Sprite, I mean if I was stuck in a 12 year olds body for all my life I too would want a fresh start, and ikaris I felt bad because all he’s ever known is to follow Arishem and now that is family/friends want to go against Arishem his life is flipped upside down. And also Ajak and Gilgamesh’s death are 10x sadder now that I’ve seen the movie 4 times. I absolutely love Gilgamesh’s and Thenas relationship (I saw them as a couple) and Makkari and Druig relationship they really are one of the (if not the best) marvel couples out there. My favorite characters are still Sersi, Thena, Makkari, and Druig but I have so much love for the other characters too. But I do love these characters especially because of how much they stand out to me, I love Sersi’s and Druig’s connection to humanity it was really amazing seeing how much they cared, and I loved Thenas personality throughout the film, I did feel really bad for her though, and Makkari she was absolutely great I love her personality and I love her powers I wish she got more screen time but it’s fine because she is probably going to be in future films(and the others). I hope that Ajak, Gilgamesh or ikaris show up again in future movies but I doubt some part of it. The pacing in this movie wasn’t the greatest but i didn’t mind because everything else made up for it like the VISUALS AND CINEMATOGRAPHY!!! Chloé Zhao does an amazing job delivering this film to marvel and marvel fans from the visuals to the characters to the plot it was absolutely amazing, and this movie with always have a special place in my heart. Overall this movie was magnificent and I would recommend it to anyone marvel fan or not.

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