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  • Her



    “i can feel the fear that you carry around and i wish there was something i could do to help you let go of it because if you could, i don’t think you’d feel so alone anymore”

    when i was 16 when i first saw this movie as sad but still highly disconnected from my life, i’d never been in relationships, never had much experience with women and i just didn’t know myself as much which is natural but as…

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  • Terrorizers



    dunno how eddy yang does it

  • Bo Burnham: Make Happy

    Bo Burnham: Make Happy


    a little dated but i can't help but admire bo's meticulousness and dedication to his craft, it's no surprise why he quit stand up with the amount of energy and detail he exerts to a set. sure, it's a bit mid-2010s edgy but bo is funny and smart enough to make even the crude stuff quite amusing.

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