Don't Worry Darling

Don't Worry Darling

a star for miss flo, production design and the cinematography.

no flowery language, i’ll just get straight to ranting. it’d be easy to dismiss a film like this on how obvious and telegraphed its twist is but from 0:01 of the runtime, it makes no effort for the audience to believe in its world, characters or any emotional attachment which would help to the hide the genre elements. i think about films like the matrix and the truman show (spoilers if u haven’t seen either) where a huge chunk of the first act is dedicated to building these characters and their inadequacies like any normal film, then the curtain is pulled. don’t worry darling makes no effort to see its world as anything more than artificial with a thin writing from character, concept and world. i know nothing about alice as a person or any other character. doesn’t help that the film is pretty thrill-less with the repeated flashbacks and surreal motifs feeling really flat.

as the film goes on and more is revealed, it becomes hilarious in how it tries to be relevant and empowering for our current moment; betraying its own rules and just being straight up silly; to avoid sounding like a bearded youtuber, i think the message and ideas of this film are great, i even agree with them! but it does little work to earn them and feels hollow. i’m really trying to talk about this without spoiling it, bare with me.

with all this, the least of this film’s problems is the harry styles performance, i mean he’s ok in most scenes but when he’s asked to do more demanding things he falters. 

in conclusion, bad. one of the worst movies i’ve seen that i actively watched with the best intentions and readiness to like.

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