Eternals ★★★★


between this, bond, dune and the suicide squad i might be gaining hope in the big budget flicks again. when i saw bond last month, i talked a lot about how the franchise embraced location and how no one is really doing that on that level of budget, well…. chloe zhao’s naturalism adds that very thing to the mcu. in a globe trotting, land spanning story very much about the love and connection of humanity and what we share, a lot of movies would’ve put this just in words and not in cinematic language. even the way chloe zhao films the intimacy between characters sold me on this idea. and yet when this movie goes large scale, it goes all the way, some “tree of life” type stuff and the celestials just looked so great, a bit of bad cg in the third act but the action is great, nice to see a movie actually treat superheroes like gods and uh yeah.

this really deserves to be celebrated and praised far more than anything marvel has done in the past 3 years, it’s a little heady and takes audiences seriously in a way i don’t think they were ready for like this is the second movie in the past month about colonialism? but it’s a right step for marvel even with it’s carried baggage of forced jokes and sequel baiting which are so much more forgivable in this context.

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