The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★★

Let's get it out of the way, I'm still kicking myself over seeing X-Men Apocalypse over this in cinemas because THIS is a great movie and I'll explain why.

The Nice Guys is directed by Shane Black and his style is oozing over this movie in a 70s setting, what Black does so well is that comedy never takes over the plot. In Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys, comedy is created through the nature of his characters, no scenes are setup to pull off a joke and the plot would work just as fine without the comedy.
Also the comedic duo of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling is amazing, and really are an unlikely duo as the characters Jackson Healy and Holland March have very different personalities and the movies builds off that a lot but Gosling is the main standout playing an alcoholic, at times idiotic private investigator and I want to see him do more comedy as he has terrific timing and he's just a revelation. Also Angourie Rice who plays the daughter of Gosling is great in this movie as a rather mature 13 year old girl and I'm happy that Spider-Man: Homecoming picked her up so this won't be the last we see of her.
The Nice Guys unlike many other action comedies out these days feels like a legitimate action movie, it's very well shot and Black really knows how to give the viewer a good geography of those of these bigger scenes and refuses to box himself into action movies clichés but he goes against them to provide a laugh while being subtle enough to not be an action movie parody.
The movie also does an excellent job of bringing in the viewer into 1978 LA and through the bright, neon drenched cinematography.
The movie's plot which follows the death of a pornstar and the disappearance of girl is surprisingly interesting and engaging for an action comedy and provides decent twists to throw the audience a curveball and it really requires your attention as a viewer.
The Nice Guys is the must watch movie of the year, it's a huge shame that this didn't perform at the box office cause we need a sequel to this, Crowe and Gosling aren't a duo which come around everyday WE NEED MORE. Shane Black is 3 for 3 on his directed movies now, we most certainly don't deserve this guy

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