Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

This feels like a fan of the MCU making an MCU movie in the best way possible, Taika knows the problems the universe and tropes the Marvel movies and CBMs in general fall into and he effectively parodies it while having fun playing around with the universe's mythology and creating a well rounded film by itself.

The improv styled humour adds life to the Thor franchise allowing Helmsworth to finally flex his comedic gifts in the MCU and allows the cast to just bounce off each other in such a natural way adding so much their character relationships, Korg played by Taika himself is probably the best secondary character in the MCU and it actually packs a relative good amount of emotion and more than I was expecting.

It has problems with fleshing out it's villain but Cate Blanchett is allowed to have fun and chew as much scenery as she wants as it's glorious and some pacing issues. Except from that Ragnarok is an entertaining blast, probably my favourite from Taika.

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