I'm Thinking of Ending Things ½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

please please stop pretending this is good just because its Le Weird type of movie that has omnious, nonsensical, dialogue and weird shit happening from one second to another and because Charlie Kaufman directed it, please, please, this is not good, this is boring, obtuse, stupid, vapid, pretentious, this is all thats wrong with post modernity.
this kind of movie where everything is weird and omg is the main character losing his mind? Whats the Le Simbolysm here? So weird. I love weird stuff. I love Twin Peaks. I love not actually understanding anything but pretending I do. I love meta comenttary on how art isnt supposed to make sense in the traditional way. I love the decay of all things.
Do not even reply with "Le Epic You Just Didnt Understand It", ive read the book, i knew what was going on, i dont hata Kaufman, I love Eternal Sunshine and S. New York is probably my favourite movie but this, this is just stupid and not good.

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