WandaVision ★★★½

I love the MCU. I don’t think that any of the movies are perfect and should be held to the same standard as everything else, but the consistency should be rewarded and that is something Marvel has succeeded at.

It was fun to see the marvel energy come back to the fandom! It felt like everyone was theorizing about characters like Mephisto and people trying to decide who was who. 

Having this be a TV show gave more time to be spent with the characters and allowed for more development than a movie would.

My favorite parts of the show were getting to see Vision again. I always felt like we never got enough of him before his death. His scenes here were my favorite. Wanda's development was great and it was fun to see her origin which was never covered that well in AOU. 

Now, for my problems with the show. I honestly thought that Evan Peters was wasted here. His character should have been a lot more than what he was. Wandavision is the first part of this multiverse story with Spiderman 3 and Doctor Strange 2 and Evan Peter’s Quicksilver felt wasted this way. I also feel that some of the pacings were off.

The show started slow (intentionally) However, I felt that as we went along the last few episodes felt a little rushed with them trying to fit a lot of stories in such short episodes. I felt that 40-60 minutes episodes would have been extremely better for the pacing.

Apart from that I truly believe that this is one of Marvel's highest achievements ever.

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