Old ★★

Daily Horror Hunt #37 | July 2021 (13/31)
Prompt 9: Watch a horror movie in the cinema

With the right director, this could have been a high-concept Twilight Zone-esque masterpiece. Conceptually, this story is seemingly perfect for cinema, with characters stuck on an island that rapidly ages them. Honestly M. Night had a killer idea to run with here - it could've been a powerful metaphor for life moving too fast and not appreciating what you have. But damn it, why did he have to drop the ball on this one??

Old will somehow convince you that Gael Garcia Bernal, Tomasin McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit), Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread) and Alex Wolff (Hereditary) are bad actors. There's just something off and wonky about the execution of this film that's hard to pin down. The pacing is weird - there is little sense that their rapid aging is consistently moving forward, and the characters behave and react in really inhuman ways (think the malfunctioning androids in Westworld).

The ball was practically set on a tee for Shyamalan not to eff up, but somehow he still struck out! The man once considered among the greatest directors of all time, falling back to his Happening mode... what happened to the Split-era Shyamaissance???

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