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  • Ornamental Hairpin

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  • Ornamental Hairpin

    Ornamental Hairpin


    I wanted to watch another film with Kinuyo Tanaka and stumbled upon this film. Her acting did not disappoint and she gave such a perfect performance. 

    It’s fantastic. It was a really elegant, beautiful, funny, and heartbreaking film. I am going to watch all of Shimizu’s films that I can now!

    Edit: This film was magical. Idk how else to even describe it.

    2nd Edit: I am still thinking about this lovely film.

  • Funeral Parade of Roses

    Funeral Parade of Roses


    This is the kinda film that makes me want to study film.

    Fucking fantastic

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  • In & Out

    In & Out


    This movie was a fucking fever dream. There were some moments that were truly laugh out loud funny. Debbie Reynolds was fantastic as expected.

    There were other moments of absolutely baffling choices that the film made. The message of the film was ham-fisted and clumsy. The fatphobia ruins a lot of the enjoyment in the film.

    Not a great movie but I did have fun.

  • Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

    Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice


    I usually hate “straight” relationships but I absolutely loved this wild ride of a film. Odd, beautiful, funny, and engaging. The performances in this film are outstanding. Not what I expected and I am blown away by this film.

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  • Cinderella


    The neo-liberal nature of this film makes this one of the most obnoxious films of the year. It was a chore to sit through. If my partner hadn’t made me watch it I wouldn’t have. 0% interested in Camila Cabello and anything James Corden is in. 

    Idina Menzel singing showed how bad every other song is in the movie. Wish Minnie Driver sang more because she is so talented. Billy Porter was fine… I guess. Best outfit. 

    There is so much wrong…

  • Taking Lives

    Taking Lives

    The opening act in this film was perfect and thrilling. Sadly, it was the last interesting thing that happened in the film.