Lightyear ★★★

Is this the movie Andy watched that made him become Buzz Lightyear fan? Really? Well...

One thing i've noticed about Pixar lately is that in terms of rewatch value, the films i like the most are the pre-2011 ones, and is not because of nostalgia, this is due to the fact that in the last ten years the company has started to focus much more on delivering beautiful messages and social critiques, than in really exciting adventures that children and adults can watch together and connect years ahead. You can notice that paying attention to the people who works at Pixar, but i'm not gonna go deep into that, all i'm gonna say is that Pixar right now is full of social justice warriors who only see their personal agendas. Sure, pretty messages are something that have always been in Pixar movies, but they came after the adventure and exciting story, they are there like the cherry on top! Like in Toy Story 3, Up and Coco. Lately this is not the case. Good examples of this downgrade are Soul, Brave and Onward, good movies but i don't want to watch them again. Exception to this is Luca, Pixar newest biggest hit in my opinion. The point is that this movie that came with so many expectations doesn't fulfill any of them, i can't even believe that Andy from Toy Story 1 watched this movie and went crazy to have a Buzz doll.

The second act is pretty boring, the villain doesn't get the treatment he deserves, and the Toy Story brand is clearly only used to make the movie sell, the protagonist of this movie could be a new character outside the Toy Story field, that's not the Buzz's story, he's not essential, after all if you took him out and put any other astronaut character in his place, you'd still have the same story, and the same average movie. This movie would be so much better if it was focused on Buzz's best friend, and if Buzz was instead a new character who is her supporting character / slash best friend. Disney disappointed Star Wars fans with the latest trilogy, Marvel fans with the latest Doctor Strange and the messy Disney+ series, and now Pixar fans with this forgettable movie.

Lightyear is nothing more than a scheme for Disney to sell Sox (and Buzz) toys.


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