Zachary Goldkind (aka, Chaim Kindergelt)

Zachary Goldkind (aka, Chaim Kindergelt) Pro

In Secret,
I wish for,
Under my own,
Every Night,
Caught in dreams,
I'll cry,

Favorite films

  • One Way or Another
  • Histoire(s) du cinéma
  • Pourvoir
  • The Age of the Earth

Recent activity

  • Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

  • Saltburn

  • 'Til Kingdom Come

  • Robe of Gems

Recent reviews

  • Saltburn


    Idk, man, I think it’d have been pretty cool if that montage revealing the mastermind scheme was just filled with Barry reading Mao and Trotsky, taking down a Union Jack to reveal a Soviet emblem, set to the Internationale itself. As he waltzes through the mansion, to the apt needle drop of Murder on the Dance Floor, the house begins to be consumed in flames. And in the lawn outside an icon - a true estate, swallowed by the oxygen…

  • The Viewing Booth

    The Viewing Booth

    A subversively oblique investigation into the roles we partake in as spectators of various medias, the manners in which denialism plays a formative part in approaching media activism, and the forms of image in its tenuous relationship to the ‘real.’ Accomplished here is a cutting ontological honesty, discerning the ethical reality of documentary as a process involving the individual viewer, as a dissonance thats totality is irreconcilable in the context of an audience. Images, then, if my response to this…

Popular reviews

  • Mikey and Nicky

    Mikey and Nicky


    Elaine May knows men better than men are willing to admit they don't, and it's rightfully telegraphed into a tragedy on all sides.

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    It’s rare to see a postmodernist perspective on the superhero film culture, a culture so deeply rooted in the traditions of a mindset rooted in escapism - a response to a world in the midsts of pre-nuclear wars. Comic book films have been so pre-occupied with capturing the essence of thematics contained within the source material that, while a substantial amount of the particulars are certainly relevant, there has been no attempt to transform our perceptions of such historically grandiose…