The Devil All the Time

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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS! don't read further unless you've watched it.

anyway, watching it for the second time i felt like the murders were all justified evil; arvin presented as the victim and his actions, justified. 

the dramatic background music at the start with the lingering THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME was niceeee, liked that. the domino effect that followed willard's narrative was interesting and this would've been my favourite film if it was executed bit more perfect-ly, the interwoven idea behind it is perfect, everything else just need a bit of polishing. could've easily been a 4.5/5! 

the characters were well chosen, did not expect any less from them because they're all stellar (in whatever they offered, in their own way). but, they were somewhat undercooked. the focus was bit too much on arvin and lenora which is fine but if they were able to make the viewers sympathise (for the lack of a better word) with carl, sandy and bodecker, it would've probably been a little bit more effective and strong. i think a little bit more context/screentime for them would've added an element of unjust to the whole narrative, making it 100% more interesting. 

mini arvin was great! he did really really well! + the narrator's a nice touch, i really don't see it as unnecessary!  

the ending though! upon the first watch, i was content? settled? with him dosing off but having come across posts saying that it might've been charles manson that picked him up, made me reflect on the whole film. 

there was always something bad happening when someone falls asleep (theodore sleeping = helen killed, roy sleeping = about to get killed by the duo, uncle earskell sleeping = lenora died, arvin dosing off... = ????), i don't like an ending that makes me wonder and now i'm left wondering lol

nonetheless, i still enjoyed it and i think i kind of have a grasp of the quote i was unpacking from the first viewing. 

p.s. 😍 bill 😍 skarsgard 😍 tom 😍 holland 😍

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