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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I don’t think it’s that scary , i can handle it 

Sixteen-year-old Alice Palmer drowns while swimming with her family at a dam in Ararat, Australia. Her teenage brother Mathew sets up video cameras around the house to record what seem to be images of Alice's ghost. They consult psychic Ray Kemeny for insight on the apparent haunting, but he is unable to explain. It is revealed that Mathew actually set up the "sightings" of his dead sister to give the family reason to exhume her body and give his mother closure. However, on closer review, one of the hoax videos captures Alice's bedroom being searched by Brett, a neighbor for whom she had worked as a babysitter. After her own search of the bedroom, Alice's mother June finds a hidden videotape showing Alice in a sexual encounter with Brett and his wife.

Ray admits that Alice met with him several months before her death and told him she was having dreams about drowning, being dead, and her mother being unable to see or help her. Alice's boyfriend comes forward with mobile phone footage of a school trip to Lake Mungo, where Alice is shown burying something at the base of a tree. The Palmers travel to Lake Mungo and find the tree, where they dig up her phone. The footage on the phone shows her walking along the lake's shore and encountering a ghostly, corpse-like doppelgänger of herself, with a bloated and disfigured face, appearing just as her body would later be found in the lake.

The Palmers move out of their house, feeling that Alice wanted them to know who she really was and what she had seen. They now believe the haunting has ended and Alice's ghost has moved on. The film ends with a family photo of the Palmers on the front lawn of their house as the figure of Alice watches from the window. The credits are intercut with prior footage, revealing several sightings of Alice's ghost throughout the film that went unnoticed. After the credits, a figure that may be Alice or her doppelgänger stands at Lake Mungo, in the darkness, as lightning strikes.