• The Nightingale

    The Nightingale


    This movie just makes mad

  • Ghatak


    This movie is my childhood!

  • Audrie & Daisy

    Audrie & Daisy

    Jon Shenk, Bonni Cohen

  • La Libertad

    La Libertad

    Lisandro Alonso

  • Just Don't Think I'll Scream

    Just Don't Think I'll Scream


    While the visual component of Just Don't Think I'll Scream is characterized by the unrecognizable, the arcane, the audio element coheres as a stream of facts, dates, events, lucid thoughts and connections.

  • Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would

    Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would


    Where Noah shines is looking deeper into the psychological and emotional impacts of COVID on us as a society... Noah could get us to stop and think about that in a profound way and a soothing tone, and then find the perfect Will Smith joke within that.

  • Misha and the Wolves

    Misha and the Wolves

    An] intriguing but slightly manipulative documentary...

  • Midnight


    Kwon Oh-seung's debut feature enters the pantheon of breathless thrillers, delivering a propulsive, unpredictable film that's lighter than most of its ilk but no less intense or well crafted.

  • Attack


    We know exactly how things will pan out, no strain on the brain. Everything is straight-forward, no complicated characters, no morally ambiguous situations.

  • 777 Charlie

    777 Charlie


    Rakshit Shetty's film is a moving tale of bonding and companionship

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    The director has elicited an excellent performance from his central actor Kravchenko.

  • Monica, O My Darling

    Monica, O My Darling


    A story of sex, betrayal, and unlikely criminals, Monica O My Darling makes for a great movie night viewing.