QCinema International Film Festival

QCinema International Film Festival HQ

11th edition runs November 17 to 26, 2023 at Gateway Cineplex, Robinsons Movieworld Magnolia, Power Plant Cinemas, Shang Red Carpet Cinemas, and Ayala Cinemas UP Town Center.


That's a Wrap!

QCinema has come to a close. Thank you all for following our content here on Letterboxd. We hope that our use of the platform has been useful for you Filipino cinephiles.

QCinema Daily: November 26, 2023

All good things must come to an end. We end QCinema by welcoming Singaporean director Anthony Chen to the Philippines. He will be present at tonight's screening of the closing film, The Breaking Ice, and he will be doing a talkback session at the end of the film.

QCinema Daily: November 25, 2023

We're down to the last two days of QCinema. There are still a lot of screenings today, but the festival is winding down. At this point, we'd like to give our thanks over to the team at Letterboxd. Their generous support has been invaluable, giving the festival the opportunity to reach cinephiles at a more direct level.

QCinema Daily: November 24, 2023

Congratulations to Amanda Nell Eu and her film Tiger Stripes for winning the pylon for best picture last night at the QCinema International Film Festival Awards Night! Amanda also took home the prize for best director.

QCinema Daily: November 23, 2023

Tonight is awards night! Did you get to see all the films in competition? Tonight, QCinema will be giving out awards to films in the Asian Next Wave, QCShorts, and QCSEA sections. Will your favorites take home any prizes? We'll all find out tonight.

QCinema Daily: November 22, 2023

We're more than halfway through this year's festival now. We hope you've been having a good time. Today, we're offering a bunch of free screenings: the documentaries National Anarchist: Lino Brocka and Nowhere Near, the QCShorts Program, and one half of the QCSea Shorts Competition. Thanks to our cinema partners for letting us show these films for free.

QCinema Daily: November 21, 2023

Last night marked the end of the first QCinema Project Market. Congratulations to all the prize winners and grantees. We should be hearing about these films over the next couple of years, and of course, we'll all get to see these films in upcoming editions of QCinema.

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Poor Things

Poor Things


I must go punch that baby.

If you, a functioning (hopefully) member of society have never once had that intrusive thought, then you're lying. With that in mind, Poor Things surgically reveals the depths of the human psyche and presents it in the most beautifully grotesque manner — it is a perfect reimagining of Frankenstein in the postmodern age. I could see this being included in a fun triple-feature with this year's Barbie and Bottoms, some of 2023's most popular…

In 1885, a famous chef and his female cook/sous-chef have worked together for years and develop romantic feelings with one another as they cook their decadent dishes. I loved this film. It is very old-fashioned in the best way possible. It is a gorgeous period romantic film that entices you with its endless scenes of cooking delicious-looking food then suddenly then moves you to tears when you least expect it. It features beautiful performances from its two main actors, Benoit…

i wasn't able to finish this film while in the cinema due to the evil that existed to my left, e11. an older man violated my personal space and refused to relent when i pleaded with him several times to put his arm away or move to another seat. he burst off with several expletives and insults each time i tried to talk to him. this vent was written to defuse the tension still within my body and remind anyone…

Forgive me if this was my first Lav Diaz. It was a new experience and a welcomed one. From my understanding from talking to friends and listening to the Q&A portion, this was one of his funnier works. I also learned that this was a prequel. An unplanned one might I add. Apparently this was extra footage from When The Waves Are Gone and that "unplanned-ness" and lack of direction reflects in the film. Still, if people tell me this is probably one of his weaker films, then that's a damn high bar.

I think John Lloyd perfected the authentic Taglish sound.




By all means Jamie Lazaro is not a nice character. That scene at the start was a snippet of what she really is: selfish, easily irritated, and prefers to be left alone. But we later on see that it's just a wall she built because she, at the very core, is lonely. Communication with and without words with someone is hard. Let alone understanding each other.

But the whole film is not about her. It's the connection she built with…

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.


Recalling fragments of his past as he narrates them, we learn Sweet Potato’s life has been riddled with misfortune.

His moniker is one that he detests—the fruit of foolishness and theft in his youth. One that looms over him, making it seem as if he is only capable of mischief, nothing more.

He has a modest home given to him by his late grandfather, but its location is not ideal. It’s far away from the metro, a far cry…

I think I'm starting to understand Radu Jude's style and humor. Though this has its flaws too, this is definitely a glow up from 'Bad Luck Banging', (at least for me). An entertaining examination of Romania's politics and an absurdist satire about the vileness of exploitation and the social class struggles. Jude tests the patience of his audience through niche cultural critiques and wacky executions, but rewards them with expansive immersion and some spectacular, knockout jokes. Yes, it's laborious with…

Perfect Days

Perfect Days


Next time is next time. Now is now.

Wim Wenders took a shit in a public toilet in Japan and got this inspired. Honestly, same.
Perfect Days delicately presented tender aesthetics — sensitively rendering them while juxtaposed with the harsh realities of the working class. I genuinely would not have minded another hour of this film. One of my faves from this year. Koji Yakusho is the man. Japan has a soft spot in my heart, and I adored every little reminder this movie gave me as to why. Who wants to play shadow tag with me?
Seriously great, like a 10 out of 10.