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  • Next of Kin

    Next of Kin


    “This was my house once.”

    Pure efficiency in action; 90 minutes of visually lush slow-burn dread underscored by a moody, deeply involving mystery and capped off by a climax that would make Argento proud. Feels like an Aussie Dead and Buried, which is probably the highest praise I can give a horror film at this point short of mentioning John Carpenter or the xenomorph. Tony Williams not directing more after this is a crime against cinema.

  • The Watcher in the Woods

    The Watcher in the Woods


    A film built entirely on intense “dusty 70s YA horror hardcover only you checked out of the school library” vibes, which is not a complaint in my book. Genuinely creepy, atmospheric, and well-made, and probably would have been my jam when I was younger, which is why Disney’s treatment of this film feels damn near horrific; they threw out John Hough’s intended ending in favor of a glorified exposition dump, wouldn’t re-release the film themselves, refused to let Anchor Bay put a restored version of Hough’s original cut on their DVD release, and continue to neglect this to this day. Fuck the Snyder Cut - #ReleaseTheHoughCut.

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