Drive ★★★★½

I have looked through tons of reviews on this movie and no one has compared this movie to Baby Driver which is crazy to me!

They feel like very similar stories with a loner driver working for an older known star (Cranston/Spacey) as they help in some heist action on the road. Both are fantastic drivers who don't speak up but get involved with more than they signed up for.

Both films are amazing, but they are portrayed differently. One focuses more on style and one focuses more on substance.

Baby Driver is extremely stylized with Edgar Wrights charm all over the film. It definitely has some substance, but it's the use of sound and cuts that makes the film beautiful.

On the other hand, Drive definitely has some great style especially in it's score and lighting... but its substance seems to be it's biggest draw for me. Gosling doesn't say a lot but his character is extremely sympathetic while remaining bad ass. The movie doesn't focus on dialogue, it's main communication is silence. From the scene where he first meets Mulligan and they stand there in silence to the elevator scene where he pulls her as well as the camera in... dialogue isn't needed when we live in the moment.

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