Nomadland ★★★★½

McDormand Marathon #4
The Queen's Third Oscar

To finish the Marathon today, I rewatched her most recent Oscar win: Nomadland. It is honestly better than the first watch due to it's spectacular cinematography and overall message.

In the year 2020, we needed a message about moving forward and self discovery. The person best for this journey is Frances McDormand. No one, and I genuinely mean this, no one could have done this role better. I have always been comforted by McDormand's presence in a film so to have her go through this journey of self reflection after her husband passed away felt extremely emotional.

It's a beautiful film that is best described as throwing a warm blanket on yourself by a fire. It just feels peaceful and reflective. Something that was definitely needed after watching her first three films about cheating, murder, and rapists.

Sidenote: I don't see people mentioning that McDormand's last Oscar winning performance was her hunting down rapists and this year she just beat the equally fantastic performance Mulligan who had a similar role. Just interesting how similar they are.

Best Pictures Ranked

My marathon is over! Below I just want to share my personal thoughts on the films and McDormand's performances within them.

Films Ranked:
1. Fargo - 5/5
2. Blood Simple - 4.5/5
3. Three Billboards - 4.5/5
4. Nomadland - 4.5/5

Performances Ranked:
1. Fargo (Marge) - 5/5
2. Nomadland (Fern) - 5/5
3. Three Billboards (Mildred) - 5/5
4. Blood Simple (Abby) - 4/5

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