Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

This movie isn't great on a rewatch. The jokes are pretty basic children jokes like "hehe Spiderman bonked his head" or "omg they said Peter Tingle". On a rewatch the jokes aren't that funny anymore so it no longer masks what is a pretty terrible fucking plot.

Film is pretty mediocre at the end of the day... so why do I have it at three stars you ask? Far From Home is 95% mediocre storytelling but the greatest scene in the entire MCU is in this film where Mysterio and Spiderman attack in this vision Spiderman is trapped in. The editing and visual spectacle is amazing. I fucking love this scene!

PS: Fuck the producer that said "Eh don't bother putting the best scene of the film at the end. Let's have a formulaic, boring ass fight scene instead. Fuck yeah, I'm great at making decisions!"

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