The Thing

The Thing ★★★★½

I don't see enough people compare this film to the other psychological horror classic: Alien.

Both films are excellent for similar reasons:
- Great ensemble cast
- Excellent one set production design (space/Arctic)
- Great practical effects
- Iconic scene of the first victim to the monster (chest burst/on knees in the snow)
- Three members leave the area to find the origins of the monster
- Great score
- Well earned suspense

The two films feel and act very similar in it's storytelling but there is one component that makes this film a lot better in my opinion and that is the concept that "The Thing could be any of them".

The Alien hides in vents and the ensemble cast works together to hunt it down; while in The Thing the ensemble cast is just as much of the enemy as The Thing itself. Watching how quick paranoia and panic was created made the film extremely interesting. It makes you realize that it only takes one Thing to make people turn into monsters.

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