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  • His and Her Circumstances

    His and Her Circumstances

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Me, one episode in: "Haha knowing Anno, I can't wait for these two to psychologically breakdown and regress into abstract pencil sketches."

    Me, end of the show: "Oh."

    But seriously, Anno outdid himself. The first 2/3s of this show was impeccably paced, with every emotional beat and visual gag landing just the way it was meant to. I'm continually impressed by his seeming ability to transform production "limitations" into confident, purposeful aesthetic choices. Even before the final 1/3, there were…

  • Center Stage

    Center Stage

    For first time viewing, PLEASE watch the 126 min theatrical cut!

    I revisited this film on the 154 min extended/Director's cut, and was astonished at how the film's pacing and emotional resonance was consistently curtailed by repetitive formal experimentation.

    I had my tears armed and ready, truly looking forward to bawling my eyes out. But at every moment of emotional climax, Stanley Kwan's bold directorial hand would swoop in and slap me out of the film.

    I really despised my…

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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

    Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

    To the guy that sat next to me during tonight's rare theatrical screening, I hope you are reading this because fuck you.

    1. I'm happy you brought some friends who are virgins to the show/film because EoE is always in need of more exposure.
    2. However, I believe EoE should be experienced without interruptions or guidance. One should absorb it all, then try to make sense of it after. This doesn't just go for EoE; it goes for pretty much…

  • Manifesto


    Saw the film installation at the Park Avenue Armory and... I'm curious how they intend to release this as a film and retain the same effect. In case you cannot make it to one, I will try to describe the experience, assuming the film installations don't vary too much from location to location:

    There are 13 screens in the large, empty room, spaced out in a somewhat grid-like formation. Lights are either very dim or off so the only illumination…