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  • A New Old Play

    A New Old Play


    Why isn’t everyone talking about how good this is!!!

  • Two Small Bodies

    Two Small Bodies

    “The most heinous crime a woman can commit is the murder of her children. Beyond the bloodcurdling fact that it involves the death of a child, the offense is the apex of "unmotherliness," a sin looming so large and vile in our culture that even far, far less grave breaches in expectation, like postpartum depression, are still met with scandalized whispers. Nothing turns opinion against you faster than not being a "good mother"—or not properly going through the motions such…

Popular reviews

  • The Rider

    The Rider


    The rare film not about following your dreams, but coming to peace with letting them go

  • Faces Places

    Faces Places


    Tonight, in the middle of watching Visages Villages, I started crying. It wasn't a fully committed bawl, and nothing especially sad had happened in the film; it was more of a soft misty cry that wouldn't have been noticed in the dark, even if F had turned to look right at me.

    At that particular point in the movie, JR and Agnes Varda are visiting Normandy, where long ago Varda had photographed two naked men as well as a dead…