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  • Ajoomma


    Shumingggg you did it!!!

    Such a well-acted, heartwarming, slice-of-life romp through Korea. Hong Huifang is such a lovable lead, displaying both wise conviction and frail naΓ―vetΓ© at the same time. Auntie and Jung-Su might be my favorite onscreen couple of the year.

    This movie flows so well and is so immaculately shot that it's hard to believe that this is director Shuming He's first feature. He is a gift to Singaporean cinema, and I look forward to all the amazing things he'll achieve in his career.

  • An Inconvenient Love

    An Inconvenient Love

    Had me at hello. Petersen starts this off on such a sure, confident, celebratory and woke(!) note. Also, gotta admit, that Singapore debate with the convenience store customer kind of hit me where it hurt.

    "Lilipat ka lang sa Singapore? Eh ang daming kailangang gawin dito?" ouch.

    This is my first #DonBelle and i have to say I really love this loveteam! Usually with loveteams the girl does all the work while the dude affects this "I'm better than this"…

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  • Maid in MalacaΓ±ang

    Maid in MalacaΓ±ang


    I’ve always made it a point to never dis my peers.Β 

    Buti na lang I don’t consider Darryl Yap a peer.

  • Never Not Love You

    Never Not Love You

    I think I've figured out the secret to the Jadine combo.

    It's Nadine.

    The way she looks at James when he goes to pick her up early in the morning. How she defends him to her dad. Her smile in the hallway when he kisses her. They way she looks at him with pride and smirks when he does an online job interview. How she steals glances from across the room.

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone more in…