Burning ★★★

Yet again Letterboxd gender bias exposes itself by poetic did you all mean wanking and a girl dancing around with her tits out in natural lighting?  This was a quiet and enjoyable watch and went to some interesting places, and then just left them. It was very technically / stylistically achieved but it’s HARD to care about such a closed off passive (but super well acted) character for more than two hours. Id definitely watch it again but i’m not sure if it was flat or i was missing something. 
The best review i heard was from a lady and her friend shouting on the stairs after : “i she was so free spirit this free spirit that or whatever....  and he was so gormeless i was like TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL.... and by the end i was just thinking GET THE SCREENWASH OUT”

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