Us ★★★★

Went with my friend aelliey who refuses out right to watch horror films (and when she does covers her eyes and just goes "no, fuck that, i'd kill myself' at the slightest bump in the night), but was so excited by the BUZZ for this on twitter she came. People were talking behind us the whole time and we were both glad for once, because it REALLY took the edge off!

Honestly a treat because it's so obvious that Peele LOVES horror! There were so many references and hints I couldn't keep track; yet it still managed to forge something new - can you remember the last time a horror film got this big reception and discussion? oh yeah, Get Out. Only, this operates in a whole different space; of course there are comparisons if you look but Us was so much more fun and, i guess, sort of throwback-y, from the family themes, and CLASSIC horror in to the VERY halloween-costumable villains, and sequel potential. Also the perfect amount of comedy and the use of pop songs (only m. scorsese and w. anderson have done this as well), worked so well in being corny but FUN! I'd say its closer to The Shining and Vertigo , and while its reductive and maybe going to jinx it, to mention that Peele is on his way to joining those ranks - this movie was so EXCITING we all want to say things like that!!!

Not for a long time have I seen a film, and immediately wanted to go and watch it right again afterwards. Its was so RICH and BEAUTIFULLY SHOT, whilst I **sort of** expected the twist, I thought it would be too easy, but it is actually pulled off very VERY well.

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