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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I'm going to try to write my thoughts as quickly before I loose them so bare with me.

Watching this film for me was the equivalent of looking over the past year of my life. I have felt and gone through and done everything that Charlie did. I had to spend time in a hospital, I had people notified by the police that I was a danger to them, a lot of people felt that I ruined their lives while none of them realized that mine was the biggest wreck out of them all.

Now to be fare I did not go through with my thought and ideas as Charlie did but I got close enough where everyone around me (including myself) was afraid. And it was all out of passion. I knew right from the first 10 minuets that I was in for a big rush of emotions that I felt much too recently (it was actually a little less a month ago that I was let out of the hospital), but I will say that the movie says it plain and outright. Passion blinds you and you can't get rid of it because it is not an emotion it is an impulse that is impossible to not give into.

Charlie fully succumbs to her passion which thankfully I didn't but I must say that I feel what she feels and I could have done what she has done.

(P.S. lol I'm good now though this just cut deep and hit right at home)

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