Carol ★★★★★

Sophomore year: I'm still in the closet, almost every day crying from stress of whether or not to get my secret off my chest. The summer before, I had read what then became and still remains my favorite book, The Price of Salt. I saw so much of myself in Therese and I knew her all too well. Feeling half awake for so long and then suddenly, a person comes into your life as if out of no where, and you maybe don't even realize it for a while, but they make you whole, give you a reason to get up, a reason to go on. And then in September of 2015 the teaser for this was released. That short, beautiful trailer with the beautifully melancholic tune of My Foolish Heart playing against the soft and heartbreaking imagery. Of course the film in itself is a million times more affecting than any trailer for it but watching this again it makes me remember the feeling. There was such an indescribable feeling seeing so much of myself in a film and while I was falling in love and doing the same things Therese did. That feeling may be gone and I do miss it often but knowing that I can always catch even the slightest hint of it watching this makes the film all the more special.

Fun fact: My good friend Mara and I say this at AFI and when Therese and Carol first have lunch and Therese says "I'll have the same." "The drink or the meal?" "All of it" we both laughed and she even said THAT'S YOU and I still laugh every time because it's so something I would do and probably will at some point.

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