You Were Never Really Here

I straight up can not breathe that last scene has me in a shock-like state. Anyways Lynne does ANOTHER brilliant character drama and she does it perfectly. I don't know if it's just my own love for Joaquin projected onto the character but from the start I loved and trusted Joe and I had so much empathy for him. I like that this gets into PTSD and shows a different version of it than most movies do because in this it really isn't clear to anyone except Joe that he has it. And speaking of Joe OH MY GOD Joaquin really has given a spectacular performance yet again, there's one shot of his eyes in a rear view mirror and he has so much intensity and sorrow in them at the same time. In an ideal world he would at least get nominated but I think the chances of that are slim to none. Also Johnny Greenwood's best score yet, I listened to it when it was released and yes it bops but in the context of the film it's elevated to an even higher level.

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