Black Swan ★★★★½

This was the most brisk 108 minutes I’ve ever seen! Aronovsky’s direction is simply top notch here. The editing is just outstanding, filled with cuts and sound bits that all need to be executed to perfection. They are. 

There is something deeply unsettling about this film when watching it for a first time. I genuinely felt awkward and afraid at so many points in this movie. Aronovsky is like a puppeteer, not once letting go of your emotions once. It’s simply an experience. You truly feel the psychological terror Nina is experiencing in this film. It’s visceral and fundamental film making.

Natalie Portman is phenomenal in her role of a young dancer slowly losing her mind. Good performances all around.

I found this film very similar to whiplash (not a bad thing), but this is its own beast entirely. If there’s one way to describe the direction, it’s sharp, captivating, and focused. Rarely do films hit the ground running like this one