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  • Enya: Moonshadows

    Enya: Moonshadows

    Enya: ahhhhh oooooo huuuuh ahhhoooo

    Me: I would quit my job and be a manservant in your castle if you asked.

  • The Adventures of Robin Hood

    The Adventures of Robin Hood

    Drinking game: take a shot whenever a character in this film throws their head back and laughs.

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  • Wanda


    A failure at marriage and motherhood, a woman already in the midst of a downward spiral slides even further into the abyss. Triple threat director / star / screenwriter (although the script ended up being exchanged for improvised dialogue) Barbara Loden is the titular Wanda, whose pretty face subtlety embodies the weariness and desperation of not only her character but also the swaths of real Wandas, women who don’t live up to societal expectations and feel like the only way…

  • Dear Mom

    Dear Mom

    Tammy Rae Carland, hope you’re doing well!

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  • The Wind

    The Wind


    Film School Drop Outs - Weekly Challenge 2018

    Week 1: Actor - Lillian Gish

    Choosing between Lillian Gish and Mary Pickford to kick off FSDO 2018 was an easy choice for me. Nothing against Pickford at all, but I’ve been impressed by Gish’s monumental career (75 years on stage and in films) and curious to dive into her filmography since I got into film in the first place. 

    My copy of The Wind starts with an introduction by Gish herself,…

  • Cube


    Cube turned out to be a marvelous inaugural film for my favorite season of the year, Hooptober, because it embodies a number of elements which have the potential to form effective horror: a creative premise, high stakes suspense, an increasingly pervasive atmosphere of doom, and gore. As someone who loathes math, enjoying a work that frequently uses math as an essential tool is not a small feat. I may be in the minority for these next opinions but I thought…