Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

An inauspicious opening number as David Byrne backed by a boombox launches into an acoustic rendition of "Psycho Killer" from there building into a frantic, joyous 90 minute masterpiece. Over the next 6 songs the stage gradually fills with the rest of the band, backup singers, and props, and of course a ridiculously big suit. This is the nerd new wave, proto-punk band at it peak. While the band itself were the whitest of white folk, the additional musicians were all black R&B veterans, and gave the concert a funked up swing to the Talking Head hits that not even David Byrne’s spastic dorky dance moves could uncool. The energy is so high, the dancing, jumping and running is so aggressive it almost comes off as an 80s aerobics session - cue up some Jamie Lee/Travolta pelvic thrusting. This is an absolute blast from start to finish as the performance continunally builds momentum until it reaches a crescendo. This is the kind of concert you wish you attended live and wish that every concert you attend turns into. Same as it ever was.

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