Tenet ★★★½

Well I’ve been waiting an entire year for this movie ever since the first trailer came out (December 19, 2019)! After its various delays, I planned on seeing it in theaters, but due to the current pandemic, I decided to skip out and wait for home release.

Now that I’ve finally seen it, what do I think? I really enjoyed it and found it entertaining through and through, but not without its faults. I found a lot of parts to be pretty convoluted, almost to the point where it felt important development for the story and characters had to play second fiddle to the exposition and having to explain what the movie was still about. I’ll definitely have to rewatch this to understand everything. 

It’s far from my favorite Nolan (Inception), but it’s not his worst either. It’s for sure worth a watch if you were looking forward to it, just know to pay attention to everything, and also watch with subtitles.

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