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  • The Peasants
  • Evil Does Not Exist
  • The Beast
  • Birthday Girl

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  • The Zone of Interest


  • Slumber Party Massacre III


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  • Bambi


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  • City of Wind

    City of Wind


    FFO 2024 - #10

    One of those movies that hit me harder afterwards instead of during the screening. It’s a movie that I think doesn’t keep any secrets, what happens is pretty straightforward. However, one thing that does not seem to be as obvious as everything else is the protagonist's mood or inner thought process. His emotions can’t always be assumed correctly, and I think that’s what they were going for. And even if they didn't, it was what I…

  • The Beast

    The Beast


    FFO 2024 - #9

    What a great idea for a plot, having such enjoyable and puzzling stuff on the surface while also expanding the long underlying journey. The whole concept that drives this film from start till finish is one that I highly appreciate. I’m saying it right away… I’m due for a rewatch, as there’s so much to see and process at the same time. At one point there’s already a lot to pick up on, and at that…

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  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest


    I'm going to keep this fairly short, as I will for sure go for "round two" to admire this gorgeous, brilliant film. It's always so fun when filmmakers use all of their creativity to create something new, refreshing, something that challenges you as a viewer or puts a smile on your face just because of how well they executed their ideas. To me, The Zone of Interest is the perfect example for that, a film that had me hooked when we didn't even see anything yet, and then made me love it even more as soon as we did see it.

    That's how you do it.

  • Slumber Party Massacre III

    Slumber Party Massacre III


    This is so incredibly bland. Would love to give it a better rating, but with this stupidity, dull filmmaking, awful acting, ... there's really no reason at all for me to give it more stars.

    Don't bother.

Popular reviews

  • Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

    Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)


    Scavenger Hunt #62 - May 2020 - 30/31

    Birdman is one of my favorite movies because of the way they tell this story. It's a masterpiece when it comes to dialogue, acting, camerawork and aspect. It's a great story with meaning and strong scenes. There's humor, tension and such powerful creativity.

    While watching it, it would've gotten 100%, which is extremely rare. However, my opinion changed at the end of the movie. The story gets a really powerful ending, but…

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    Visually stunning
    Absolutely clever
    Consistently tense
    Gorgeous designs
    Incredible acting

    There's a lot more, but I'm just enjoying my afterthoughts for a moment.
    I'm really close to giving it the 5...