Suspiria ★½

Vergangenheitsbewältigung is a German word without an English equivalent, roughly translating to the collective coming to terms with trauma in the recent past. The post-Nazi, post-GDR processing of this past is essential to understanding German culture and art. The mostly artless, affected, boring and not at all scary remake of Suspiria tries and fails to harness this complex mood. Setting itself in the midst of RAF/Baader-Meinhof attacks of 1977, and somehow trying, I guess, to draw a connection between that and the coven of witches running a dance studio in Berlin, also throwing in some Nazi stuff that goes nowhere and the guilt of men not believing women is all blended together in a convoluted mess of a film. It’s perhaps the worst example of an Art house filmmaker attempting to make a horror film I have seen. I am rating this barely higher than Halloween because of the Thom Yorke score which is haunting in parts, although sticks out like a turd in a pool in key moments. Just rewatch the original.

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