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  • Wildlife



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Ouch! My feelings :(

    I'm going to revert fully back to my A-Level Film student self to talk about this film so I do apologise. I just wanted to record my thoughts on how clever the writing of this film was.

    Wildlife is an extremely powerful film despite it's slow pace and it's handling of seemingly mundane domestic issues. I think what makes the film so successful in eliciting emotion is how you can take the emotions and narrative of…

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    I'm thinking I might be too stupid for this film. I loved the first half so much, right up until they left the parents house then it kind of flat lined for me a bit. I think the only reason I really finished the film was because I wanted to watch analysis videos on it. After watching an analysis I have so much more of an appreciation for the film and can see how expertly crafted it is and the…

  • Tenet



    Saw Tenet again on Wednesday, this time in 4DX. I think I liked the film more this time around but still found myself wanting to give it the same rating I gave it before. Also the sound was better this time around, I think this was largely due to the fact the cinema I saw it in was playing it at a lower level. That being said, there is no way anyone understands what they are saying when they wear those masks.

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  • GoodFellas



    This was really good but if a guy ever told me this was one of his favourite films, I would run. Like really fast.

  • Tenet



    Me: Mum can we get inception?
    Mum: No we have inception at home
    Inception at home:

    My opinion on Tenet is pretty much split down the middle. I think half of the elements work really well and half most definitely do not.

    Starting with the good elements:
    - I am willing to say this is my favourite cinematography in any of Nolan's films, the use of colour in certain sequences is really great and the tracking shots as the characters…