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  • Little Women

    Little Women

    ahahaah CMON GRETA WHAT THE FUCK. I want to love her. I do. I fuck heavy with Francis ha. But that's probably because her husband made it, not her. Unfortunately. I also disliked lady bird, dont @ me. I fucking love the story of little women, and it has meant a lot to me and my family for years. This destroyed it. The script made me laugh out loud while shrinking down into my theatre seat in humiliation. Full of sensibilities that would never come out of the mouths of the women that suffered because of them. Hated it. Unfortunate.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird

    greta gurwig...I will never be on board. I hate her directing work...love her acting. Fuck this unlikable, corny, poorly written fuckin bullshit. and fuck little women too while we're at it. give women a better name in cinema. and that's coming from a female, film directing dreamer.