Annette ★★½

Things I loved about Annette:

1. Adam Driver and Devon McDowell playing during the end credits 

2. Henry McHenry’s first set 

3. Henry and Ann’s kiss and dialogue outside of the opera house 

4. The cunnilingus and tickle scenes (yay for female pleasure) 

5. Themes of the abyss/performance and dying every night 

Things I liked:

1. The scene in prison between Henry and Annette

Things I disliked/hated:

1. Simon Helberg 

2. Songs and lyrics that add nothing (“I am this person, this is what I’m doing” - which is already apparent from what is on screen.) 

3. Said themes not being explored in any meaningful way 

4. Most of the songs not being very good 

5. The marionette being unnecessarily creepy (I had to double check that it wasn’t a horror) 

In general, I’m just disappointed as I love Holy Motors and perhaps my expectations were to set too high as a result.

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