Midsommar ★★★★★

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GUYS okay so much happened in this movie and i have so many thoughts that i don't really know how to convey. ari aster is incredibly brilliant. i'd love to spend a day with him picking his brain on how he comes up with this shit because it's all just so insane.

while hereditary was fantastic, i think i prefer midsommar. with hereditary, it scared and disturbed me so much that i never wanted to watch it again because i didn't want to have to witness some of those terrifying visuals again. yet, midsommar is looking to be way more rewatchable for me. yes midsommar is definitely very disturbing, but i'm not here saying that i don't think i ever wanna watch it again, and i'm actually looking forward to getting to watch it again this friday!

definitely looking forward to what ari aster does next!

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