Suspiria ★★★★½

The original Suspiria is among my top films of all time, so I've been quite resistant to the idea of a remake. While watching the new one, I kept waiting for familiar things to happen. Not much is in common with the original except the bare bones of the plot - Suzy Bannion goes to Germany to study at a dance school run by witches - but it's familiar enough that I think Luca Guadagnino pays his respects to the original while creating a new beast. Suspiria is pretty but gruesome, the dancing is harsh and violent, and the body horror reminds me of all the Cronenberg films I've been watching lately. Despite its long runtime, I thought the film flew by. All the lead actresses were captivating to watch; two of my favorites were Mia Goth and Tilda Swinton. Swinton is particularly impressive given that she performs in dual roles. Dakota Johnson is fun to watch as well, especially at the climax of the film.

The film was written by David Kajganich who was the co-showrunner and writer of The Terror, the AMC adaptation of the Dan Simmons novel of the same name. If you enjoyed the "history with your horror" that was The Terror then you'll probably appreciate the '70s Berlin that Kajganich brings to the forefront in Suspiria.

What a relief that the remake was done so beautifully and violently. I wasn't too keen on some of the soundtrack to be totally honest; at a key moment in the film, I thought the music was terribly out of place and distracting. That's too bad considering how iconic the original score is. Also, some of the narrative left me with questions. These questions may be answered on a repeat viewing, however, and I'll happily rewatch the film.

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