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Favorite films

  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Before Midnight
  • Little Women
  • The Lives of Others

Recent activity

  • Sense and Sensibility

  • Monsieur Hulot's Holiday


  • Gloria


  • The Matrix Resurrections

Recent reviews

  • Gloria



    for you if you like:
    -1979 New York taxi design
    -ungaro skirt suits in icicle blue satin 
    -pistols in khaki leather purses
    -cursed apartment buildings 
    -buck henry getting second billing for being in one scene
    -precocious children dressed like tony manero
    -round beds with bubblegum pink dust ruffles 
    - mobsters w/ thick glasses and omniscient powers of deduction
    - a tour of Newark’s vibrant 1980 hotel culture
    - Pittsburgh as the butt of many jokes
    - pussy bow blouses with kicky prints
    - running in heels
    - gena rowlands doing wig work