Suspiria ★★★★

I’m definitely going to have to watch this again and write a more detailed review. 

I think Luca really has a way of making you feel a movie. Directing and cinematography were on point. The sound design was absurdly good. The acting, of course, was fantastic. Tilda Swinton can absolutely command a scene, it really is something to behold. Surprisingly, I loved Dakota Johnson in this as well... 

And that scene.... that scene... I think that’s the deepest I’ve been disturbed by a scene in a movie. I actually (not joking) forgot to breathe for a little bit and made myself a tad light headed. Honestly it was probably one of my favorite sequences of the year- the juxtaposition of the two scenes were beautiful and horrifying at the same time. 

I’ll watch again soon and come back to this later. Long run time, but I really enjoyed it. 

What an incredible year for horror!

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