Suspiria ★★★

Loved: the color palettes, the costume design (besides the  red rope),  and the scene when the witches examine the penis of a cop. The cinematography was really interesting surrounding the dancing scenes, which were also helped  by the score and the sounds that the dancers would make. Very entrancing.

I do agree with those reviews that called this film “lifeless”. It very much is. I got antsy because of how long it was, unusual because I rly like sitting and staring and listening. This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy it, I did! I would even see it again (If I wanted to). 

Luca G seems like a cool (fuckable) and smart (big dick) guy, which piqued my interest before the film began. And I can tell in the movie. He knows he’s hot shit. He knows that he can make this movie. And that’s also why It is annoying to me because it is SO style over substance that i can’t help but think there literally just isn’t any. 

I’m never going to forget the contortion of Olga, it was horrific, the worst part of the movie by far, but it seemed like the only part that was interested in actually like going all out. The climax was so disappointing to me. I just think it missed the mark is all and it makes sense that ppl adore this movie but it’s like the same way that people adore Beach house albums 3 months after they come out. 1/2 the charm is the budget, which isn’t a good look to me. 

M E S S 

I instantly started working for my gigeconomy job right after seeing this at midnight because I felt so robbed of time. actually. And coming from the same person who sat through and enjoyed the shit out of mother! The first couple of times. 

I’m also bored as FUCK with body horror. We’ve had a solid stream of body horror / - women getting burned- high budget commendable director pa$$ion projects. that said, Olga and the contorting dances were some of my favorite parts.

Now maybe one day I’ll be less mad that this movie didn’t match up 100% with my internal ideology at this particular moment in time that I saw it and rank it based on its value to me as a movie but until then if you think this movie is special then I think you’re a big old pretentious quack.