Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

The God of Thunder-ous Laughter

2 hours to pay off one joke. They meet korg, he says he won't harm you unless you're scissors. End of the movie korg accidentally "kills" Meeks. Meeks weapons were two blades. Rock crushed scissors. End movie.

Aah, what a film! When the cast and the crew get a movie right, it makes for an amazing watch. That’s the case with Thor Ragnarok. The action scenes, especially the gladiator battle, are epic. Humour is expertly wielded; none of the jokes are misplaced. Waititi has created magic with this edition, making it the most enjoyable one of the franchise.

Mark Mothersbaughs score bangs. The very synth heavy score was really refreshing honestly. Moving away from the more traditional orchestral score really made this stand out in my mind.

Also, Loki's "I gotta get off this planet" after seeing Hulk and Banner jumping out of the commodore and faceplanting on the ground had me crying in laughter through the rest of the movie. What an awesome movie.

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