The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★

Well well well , if aint bill skarsgard, i have No Idea why i had the ignorant opinion that you are a Bad actor sir , Forgive me.
I hated this , it's so disrespectfull to the bleak , depressing shit i love ! It was sooo bland pethatic and At Times annoying, and why the Fuck is the Destiny of female characters so brutal ?! Mia 😭 Riley 😭 Yeah Fuck you man leave EM alone , oh Haley 😭 see it's crazy !
Anyways I had superficial fun i laughed so hard when the reverend's brother was making fun of him After his bullshit with Mia , religion is baaaaaddddd this is what the movie is saying 😂 jk am not really sure What this movie is saying...
On a better note , the performances are glorious ! Everyone knocks it outta the Park ma god , like i Said Bill , and yes Robert Pattinson he was marvellous , his accent is spot on , maybe a little overdone but that didnt Bother me, and the ladies all killed it they were great, Tom meh am not that Keen on him, i think it has to do with his face , too likeable 😂😂😂 but qute i have nothing Bad to Say on the man , ovoid this unless u wanna see R,Pats still he's only here for like 30 mn or less.
P.s : cherifa , Noor yeah okay i like Rob Pattinson Fuck off 😂😂😂😂

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