• A Herança
  • You Killed Me First
  • A Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez
  • The Big City
  • The Amorous Ones
  • Monica and Friends: Lessons
  • Barren Lives
  • Copacabana Fools Me
  • The Language of Persuasion
  • Chorinhos e Chorões
  • Ver Ouvir
  • The Master of Apipucos
  • The Femme Fatale Meets the Ideal Man
  • Improvised and Purposeful: Cinema Novo
  • Swingin' Betty
  • Assim como o Ar, Sempre nos Levantaremos
  • Central Bazaar
  • Irma Vep
  • Elle s'appelait Françoise
  • L'Eau de la Seine
  • All My Life
  • What Places of Heaven, What Planets Directed, How Long the Effects? or, The General Accidents of the World
  • Art
  • Gilbert and George
  • Indústria
  • Marisa Monte - Portas e Janelas
  • To the Left of the Father
  • Ruskin
  • Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom
  • Out
  • Eternamente Pagu
  • A Estória de Clara Crocodilo
  • The House, The True One and The One That Follows, Is Yet to be Built
  • Orlando
  • Saravah
  • O Canto Livre de Nara Leão
  • Seen, Not Seen
  • Selva. A Portrait of Parvaneh Navaï
  • Twice a Man
  • Benedetta
  • Viagem ao Fim do Mundo
  • Heliorama
  • Woman of the Ganges
  • Hand Film
  • Film About a Woman Who…
  • O Poder Negro
  • Songs
  • An American in Paris





Música Brasileira no Cinema

Matheus Massias

Matheus Massias 281 films

filmes da outcinemabr


outcinemabr 137 films

movies in which a vampire or immortal is shown next to a really old painting that is obviously them

Marna Larsen

Marna Larsen 44 films

arthouse k.


José 543 films

the smiths + film references


nora 50 films

Chantal Akerman

Waleska Antunes

Waleska Antunes 19 films

chantal akerman


Simplício Neto

Simplício Neto 327 films

François Truffaut's The Films in My Life


Erin 506 films

movies truffaut mentioned in his correspondence


nora 548 films