Dying of the Light

Dying of the Light ★★★★★

*Now Deleted Dark Cut Page*

If anyone could make or sell me a bootleg blu ray of this (or Zandalee) that would be awesome. I shelled out good money for my Zandalee dvd and now its going for over 100 dollars for the uncut unrated fully erotic edition of the film since its OOP. Somthing needs to be done about this. Soon there will be sadly no more Zandalee merch since I bought them all, Judge Reinhold wont answer any of me or my buddys questions about a potential zandalee blu ray and he's the producer!?! Anyway I fucked up losing my flash drive I had a copy of this on. It's not impossible to find this though and truly is sad how much the studios fucked with this film. This is the closest will get to knowing what it could have looked like. This cut is a very experimental character study dealing alot more with dementia than the theatrical cut which was kinda just a butchered up political thriller. I probably am overrating this maybe but they keep deleting and posting the film page for this movie all the time.

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